Suri Sucks : So What?

Poor Suri Cruise. She wears Burberry trench coats, baby high heels and her parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, are famous around the world. But she just can’t seem to shake the pacifier habit, as evidenced by the latest paparazzi pics.

At the ripe old age of almost five, her binky pictures have set off raging mommy debate from the blogs to the talk shows. Shouldn’t Katie know better? Suri will be socially stunted! Is this the latest Scientology rule?

It’s time to back off.

My first daughter, Caroline, had a pacifier until she was 3 years old. By that time, she had renamed them (with the help of her Aunt Kathleen) her “Darlenes”. They were dirty, chewed on and her little bedtime addiction. But on her third birthday, after lots of talking, we bid goodbye to the Darlenes and threw them away.

I was determined with my next child to break the binky habit before it got bad. Poor Josh had his paci snatched when he was six months old. So he found something else. His pointer finger. Josh shares a birthday with Suri and now, at almost 5, he still sucks his finger at night. I can’t get rid of his finger. I can’t throw it away. And now I am slightly wishing he had a Darlene, er pacifier.

Baby three, Kitty, is still happily sucking on her binky at night. She just turned two years old and I’ll give her another year before we try and take it away.

Whether a pacifier or finger, dirty teddy bear or blanket, sometimes all kids want is a little security and comfort. I’m sure Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise try just as hard as any parent to give their child security. But they operate in a bizarre celebrity world where everyone is watching and analyzing. That can be tough on adults, let alone a small child who is faced with photographers everywhere she goes. That would make my three kids act insane. And if a little binky now and then helped out? Well, so be it.

Perhaps Katie Holmes is a bit more like us (with better clothes, lets be honest) – just trying to do her best under the microscope. You know how it feels when your kid is acting awful in the grocery store and you feel like everyone is looking at you? Katie’s got to feel that every day. To be the perfect mother. To have the perfect child. All the time. It’s got to be exhausting and impossible to live up to every different standard the public thrusts upon her. I’m sure we won’t see pictures of Suri on graduation day, with a pacifier. If we do, well then, what a pic that will be. And knowing our celeb obsessed culture, it will start some bizarre trend of pacifier sucking among 18 year olds.

Yeah, so Suri sucks. A pacifier. Until she starts stealing jewelry or driving drunk, we need to cut Suri and her mother, some slack.

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