About Christy

Christy McDonald is an Emmy award-winning TV news anchor/reporter with a 23 year journalism career in Detroit.  She recently ended a 10 year run with Detroit’s PBS, WTVS as the Managing Editor of One Detroit, a weekly political/news analysis show. Christy has appeared numerous times on the PBS NewsHourCMcD Headshot and CNN, reporting on Michigan politics and Detroit’s financial crisis.  A sought after moderator, Christy has led lively discussions at the Detroit Economic Club, the Mackinac Policy Conference, International Women’s Day events and Business Leaders of Michigan’s CEO Summit.  Christy co-moderated Gubernatorial debates in 2014 and 2018.  She has appeared on WDET public radio as a panelist/guest host, as well as a featured guest on the syndicated radio shows “Remarkable Women” and WJR’s “Anything is Possible”. 

Christy grew up in Troy, Michigan where she now raises her family.  She has three children, who were the intense focus of her early blogs.  She had to cut down on those entries once the kids started googling all of the personal details of their young lives on school iPads!  You’ll find Christy cheering from the sidelines while watching her daughter’s marching band, her son’s tennis & baseball games and her youngest daughter’s volleyball games.  

Christy has also become a passionate advocate for early colon cancer screening, since the death of her husband, Jamie Samuelsen, in August of 2020.  Jamie was a well known radio sports talk show host on 97.1 The Ticket, with a Detroit career spanning 25 years.  His 19 month fight with Colon Cancer and final message to get colonoscopies, has inspired countless  listeners and friends to spread the word of early detection.   

Besides juggling work and parenting, Christy never met a karaoke mic she didn’t like and is still trying to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Tennis is her therapy, along with a gin gimlet. 

Follow Christy on Twitter @ChristyTV, Insta @christy_mcd_ and Facebook @Christy McDonald 


6 thoughts on “About Christy

  1. …love the newest ESPN entry. I am a huge violater of watching the same movies over and over and over…

    – The Thomas Crown Affair
    – ANY James Bond Movie
    – The Bourne Identity (any of them)
    – Titanic

    …sports games, not so much.


  2. I saw your good reporting on the NH bit wish you would have mentioned that the Detroit mayor is a much admired Detroit Piston all star, who has likely foregone business opportunities to give back to his community. Was it the DC office that pinched your reporting. My Hope is that the Michigan governor’s answer will be a bulldozer blade. To be transparent I was in the class of 66 at Syracuse U. Dave Bing was so amazing.
    Rusty Bryant
    Asheville, NC

    • Thanks for the comment, Rusty. Mayor Bing has worked very hard with a financial situation that is very difficult. He took office after the former mayor resigned under scandal and has restored dignity and a sense of fairness to city hall. But decades of debt and structural dysfunction was working against him. I still believe he will work with the state as long as he’s in office to get the city back on the path to success. CM

  3. I listened to your report about the state takeover of Detroit, and you referred to the person who would take control as “he or she”, twice. A small innocuous change that all women reporters/ commentators should make is to say ” she or he”. Please try it and persuade as many women as you can to refer to gender first.
    Please & thanks

  4. Saw your story on the Newshour last night, Christy, and we give you an “attaboy,” I knew her when. Say hi to your folks……Bob & Joan Stockton

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