About Christy McDonald

Christy McDonald is an Emmy award-winning TV news anchor on One Detroit at Detroit's PBS WTVS. She's passionate about elevating women's voices and moderating impactful conversations that inspire women to succeed. Christy is the mother of 3 busy teens and a co dependent Bichon named Tate. Follow Christy on Twitter @ChristyTV.

The Power of Change

Change is hard, scary and downright exhausting.

I’ve had a little too much change for my liking these past 3 years.  Cancer, a pandemic, grief, all the while parenting three teenagers is pretty heavy.

But as I’ve struggled to maintain balance on the stability ball of life, I’m making peace with the need for change that pushes us beyond what we thought we could ever do.

That brings me to the next shift.  After months of reflection, I have decided not to renew my contract at Detroit Public Television and bring our 10-year relationship to a close in January 2022. 

For 10 years, I created multiple shows for DPTV, from our first public affairs opinion show “MiWeek”, to Great Lakes Now, to our current weekly show “One Detroit”.  I got to moderate two Gubernatorial debates, file numerous reports for the PBS NewsHour (remind me to tell you the story of how I nervously and repeatedly said Judy Woodruff’s name the first time I did a live talkback with her), guest host radio shows and appear on CNN reporting on MI politics.  I’ve had the opportunity to moderate thoughtful conversations with the Detroit Regional Chamber and the Detroit Economic Club, as well as women’s leadership events and much more. 

But it was always about the stories, and the people in our community that were so meaningful to me.   The longer conversations and going beyond the first two questions.  The ability to do work that gave people context and understanding.

About a year ago, I had a conversation with Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture that has stayed with me.  I’m always fascinated with the path women in leadership positions take.  Specifically, those sliding door moments of decision, and where you get the guts to make them. 

Julie told me about her own path, and stressed a few things:  

Seek help, be a learner, take advice and act on it.  

Be fearless, but be prepared.  

So here I go.  It’s time to learn more, time for new opportunities and different thinking. I look forward to using my skills moderating important conversations, elevating the voices of women in leadership and telling more stories of our changing community. 

Mostly, I look forward to the joy of new beginnings.   

You can always find me on social media @ ChristyTV  and hopefully you won’t mind the occasional pics of my kids’ activities and my dog, Tate. 

To Life!